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Satisfied customers are the best proof for good work. Please see a selection from my list of satisfied customers:

» Legal & General Deutschland Service-GmbH
For the insurance company I translated in particular contractual terms and leaflets for the term life insurance and the fund-linked annuity insurance.

» VfCM Verein für Credit Management e.V.
VfCM develops minimum requirements for the corporate internal credit management. Please see a few projects I did for the association:
  • Minimum requirements for the credit management
    (The legal provisions which have to be adhered to in credit management)
  • Various articles for the technical magazine of the association, for example:
    - Initiatives and solutions for fraud defense
    - Safety net for online trading
    - Early detection helps to foresee bankruptcy

» SITCON Spetsmann IT Consulting
Draft agreements for framework contracts and individual contracts

» Phillips Translations
For the translation company I did projects on topics like:
  • Laser eye surgery
  • User manual for LED lanterns
  • Short selling restrictions
  • Financial texts on hedge funds and private equity
  • Nintendo game

» RMC Risk-Management-Consulting GmbH
Report on REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust)

» Vita Brevis Translation
For the translation company I did projects on topics like:
  • Indemnity form for adventure tours
  • WebRecall user manual
  • Presentation on the role of SAIs in fighting corruption
  • Marketing text on wine-growing areas in South Africa
  • Literary text on Russian art
  • Presentation of a marketing campaign on mobile phones
  • Website translation for a British marketing company
  • Itinerary for South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and
  • General correspondence

» Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH
For the translation agency specialized in the financial sector I translated in a team the CESAME report of the European Commission.

» Spectrum Translation
For the translation agency located in the Netherlands I translated a commercial letter from Dutch to German.

» Lo Scrittoio
For the Italian translation agency I translated a text in the field of chemicals on wastewater treatment plants in the Netherlands.

» Evoluz Inc.
For the Canadian translation agency I did the following projects:
  • Operation/Service Manual on the Audi V6 & V8 TDI Oil
    Pump Assy System
  • Discharge report after an in-patient stay in hospital

» Brainstorm Sprachdienstleistungen
For the Austrian translation agency I translated a legal text on online games and betting (Online Games Regulations Authority).

» Toptranslators
For the Indian translation agency I did translations on the following topics:
  • Antibribery laws
  • Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan
  • Survey on e-shopping behaviour

» CITS Anglia
For the British translation agency I translated a
pre-sentence report.

» Arts Vertalingen
For the Dutch translation agency I translated websites.

» MO Group International
For the Belgian translation agency I translated games (e.g. Playstation 3), websites and letters.

» TTC Language Services Ltd.
For this British translation agency I translated product descriptions, contracts and certificates.

» Kwintessential Ltd.
For this British translation agency I translated press releases and contracts.

» Vernacular World
For this Indonesian translation agency I translate a daily market report on FOREX.

» Axis Language Translation Services
For this British translation agency I translated business letters and presentations.